Email Receiver: Forward your invoices to Procys automatically via email

This app allows you to send invoices from your inbox directly to Procys. Send your documents to Procys “Forwarding email” and it'll be sent to Procys automatically

Email receiver app lets you send documents with emails' attachments directly to Procys by forwarding those emails to a specific Procys email.

(!) Please pay attention to document formats you use in your attachments: Procys now can work only with documents in pdf,  jpeg,  jpg,  png,  tiff and tif formats.

Here are steps to work with this app:

  1. Go to the “Apps” section in Procys
  2. Find "Email receiver" app line and click on "Connect"
  3. You'll see “Forwarding email” field. "Forwarding email" is an email you should forward emails with attachments

4. That's it! Now try to forward an email with attachments to the forwarding email we gave to you and check the way it works. If you find any difficulties, please write us back to