How can I get extra invoices?

How to get extra invoices on your Starter and Business plans

To obtain extra invoices, first of all, know that there are 4 types of subscriptions to Procys:

  • FREE (0€): Includes processing up to 20 invoices per month and does not allow extra invoices.
  • STARTER (€9.99): includes processing up to 50 invoices per month, €3.5 for 10 extra invoices.
  • BUSINESS (€29.99): includes processing up to 200 invoices per month, €7.5 for 25 extra invoices.
  • ENTERPRISE (Personalized Price): Includes unlimited invoices.

This article is intended for customers who are subscribed to Starter and Business since they are the two plans that allow purchase for extra invoices:

  1. To check the number of invoices processed per month in your business, access the Dashboard page in your Procys account. Look at your subscription plan and the number of invoices processed at the top right. 
  2. On your profile icon at the top right, click Plan & Billing. Subsequently, on the next screen if you have contracted the Starter or Business plan, below the plan and the price the following is commented: “You can buy additional packages of X invoices for X" — and a button with the following phrase BUY X EXTRA INVOICES. The price of extra invoices depends on the subscription plan:
    1. STARTER (€9.99): €3.5 for 10 extra invoices.
    2. COMPANY (€29.99): €7.5 for 25 extra invoices.
  3. Once you have clicked on BUY X EXTRA INVOICE, go to Configure screen displayed, where the details of the purchase are extracted, if the purchase seems correct, click on Next.
  4. On the Details screen, you must add your email, and once filled in press Next.
  5. In the next step, Payment, choose the payment method, add your bank account number, and press Next.
  6. In the last step, Confirm, a summary of the purchase is presented, by clicking on Buy the payment will be made and you will already enjoy extra invoices. Go back to the first step to verify that the transaction was successful.

At the same price and without limits on the purchase of extra invoices in the Starter and Business plans.

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