How to connect Business Central Dynamics 365 to Procys

Procys is integrated with the native "OCR" function that allows you to process all invoices automatically in your Business Central Dynamics 365 environment

1.    Your access credentials.
To start using Procys OCR service, you will require the following credentials:
    1. User name: user
    2. Password: password
    3. Service URL: URL
    4. Forwarding inbox: email

Using your Access credentials, you can quickly setup OCR within BC (Business Central) and start automatically extracting your invoice data.

For additional support or questions about your Access, please contact your Microsoft Consulting Partner, or contact us at

2.    OCR Service Setup.
The following steps ensure your service is correctly enabled. It only takes 5 minutes to activate and start saving time and money.

  1. Login to your BC (Business Central) account.
  2. Go to OCR Service Setup (type “OCR” in search).
  3. Disable current service if any (set Enabled to False).
  4. Change Service URL to “Service URL”.
  5. Put in your “User Name”, “Password”, and set Authorization Key same as “Password”.
  6. Re-enable the service by switching Enabled to True.

Once enabled, Job Queues are automatically set up to interact with the OCR service, you will see a message asking whether you want to go to Job Queues Setup. 

Also, Default OCR Doc. Template must be automatically set to INVOICE and you should see your Customer ID under Status tab.

3.    Data Exchange Definitions.
Procys returns OCR data to BC via XML files. In order to process such files, BC uses Data Exchange Definitions. You need to install data exchange definitions for OCR Invoice and OCR Credit Memo and add these definitions to Data Exchange Types in BC.

  1. Download Procys OCR XML schemas:
  2. Go to Data Exchange Definitions (type “Data Exchange Definitions” in search).
  3. Click Import/Export - Import Data Exchange Definition to add a new schema.
  4. Import both schemas and make sure you have OCRINVOICE_PROCYS and OCRCREDITMEMO_PROCYS in the table.
  5. Go to Data Exchange Types (type “Data Exchange Types” in search).
  6. Remove (if present) any existing OCR data exchange types, e.g. OCRINVOICE and OCRCREDITMEMO.
  7. Click +New, create a name and description and select the corresponding Data Exch. Def. Code, like in the picture below.

4.   Invoices via Email. ​​
If you receive vendor invoices in an accounts payable email address:

  1. Make sure you indicate this email in your account with Procys.
  2. Set your email client to forward incoming mail with invoices to “Forwarding inbox”

If you use Gmail, 

  • Go to Settings - Forwarding and POP/IMAP and Add a forwarding address.
  • Select Forward a copy of incoming mail to {Forwarding inbox} and keep your company Mail’s copy in the Inbox.

Please forward only mail with attachments since other mail is ignored by our service; in Gmail, you may create a custom filter for that. 

Once email forwarding is set up, please test the service by sending an email with an invoice attached to your accounts payable email address, and check that this invoice appears in your Incoming Documents view in BC (Business Central).

If something goes wrong, feel free to write to our support team - - we will help you fix it or through your Microsoft consulting partner.