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How does the approval flow work?

We explain step by step how to approve an invoice processed by artificial intelligence

  1. Open your account on the Procys page.
  2. Hover over the global browser and click Dashboard.
  3. The Dashboard screen shows the invoices, import a document with the blue Upload invoice icon and attach the invoice from your desktop, or through a Google Drive, Onedrive, or DropBox folder.
  4. Once the invoice is selected, in Status (invoice status), you can see that the invoice will be “Processing”.
  5. Once the invoice has been processed, the Status column will show To review along with the Invoice number, Amount, and the Type invoices.
  6. Click on To review (to review) and the processed invoice is displayed with the extracted data in categories:
    1. Invoice type
    2. Invoice date
    3. Period
    4. Invoice number
    5. Supplier
    6. Currency
    7. Description

      And just below, the option to Save and Send to validate.
  7. Review and validate the extracted data if all the invoice fields are correct, if so, click Send to validate.
  8. On the next screen, Choose a validator, choose the person from the list of validators who wants to send the document, and agree to Send.
    1. Also, you can add new users. It will require the following data:
      • First name 
      • Last name
      • Email
      • Role: Admin/ Validator/User
  9. After making the status change successfully, it allows you to validate the invoice by clicking on Validate.
With these simple 9 steps, you will quickly import and approve all your invoices processed by artificial intelligence. In case something went wrong, feel free to write to our support team - support@procys.com - we'll help you fix it.