How to connect Google Drive to Procys

Set up a guide on how to connect Google Drive to Procys by Zapier

We provide ability to work with Google Drive and use it as a folder from which you can upload your documents directly to Procys. This integration is released by Zapier - service that provides ability to integrate several apps. Therefore, the integration settings should be set up on Zapier side.

  1. Go to “Apps” section in your Procys account, find there Google Drive app line and click on "Connect"
  2. You'll be redirected to Zapier web page, it explains how the connection between Google Drive and Procys works. When you add new document to the specific folder in Google Drive, this document is automatically sent to Procys. The restriction for Google Drive usage is that it recognise only documents created by Google Services (for example, Google Documents or Google Spreadsheet). Click on the orange icon "Connect Google Drive + Procys" to get started
  3. Clicking it will take you to the “sign up” page. Complete sign up procedure or, if you're already a Zapier user, log in the service
  4. When you finish your sign up / log in, Zapier will explain further steps you need to finish the integration. Click "Get started" when you're ready
  5. Connect your Google Drive account to Zapier and click "Next"
  6. Choose the folder you're going to use as a folder for documents need to be uploaded to Procys
  7. Connect your Procys account to Zapier
  8. And once you have logged in with Procys, you'l. see "Map Google Drive fields into Procys" page. Here you should use "File" to make it work.

  9. Then it's time for tests. Upload test document to a Google Drive folder you specified or, if you've already have a document in this folder, Zapier will choose it automatically. The test document will be sent to Procys to check the connection. It's okay if you didn't receive the document, sometimes it's happen. Check it manually when you finish set up this conection.
  10. Click on "Turn on Zap" and if everything works fine, it'll be turned on
  11. That's all! Now you can check how it works in real environment

These integration settings might be managed in Zapier account, there is no ability to manage this integration inside Procys.

If something goes wrong, feel free to write to our support team - - we'll help you fix it.